Putting nature recovery into law

Posted on 03 March 2021

Rewilding Britain are working with a huge alliance of environmental groups, from the RSPB to the Wildlife Trusts, to strengthen the Environment Bill with a ‘State of Nature’ target, which would bind the Government into reversing the decline in our wildlife by 2030.

We have a once in a generation chance to put the weight of the law behind protecting nature and set a global lead.

Will you help put on the pressure by signing their petition to the Prime Minister calling for a new legal guarantee for nature’s recovery by 2030. We need as many people as possible to demand better wildlife protection to ensure that this ‘State of Nature Amendment’ gets through. Signing the petition will demonstrate to the Government and politicians that the public want stronger protections for nature, and encourage them to amend the Bill.

Rewilding Britain want to see rewilding flourishing across Britain. But the UK currently sits as one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. We’ve lost half our farmland birds in the past 50 years, 40% of all species have declined in number and many of our rivers are in a shocking state.

The Prime Minister has been calling on world leaders to halt nature’s decline by 2030. Later this year, governments will come together to agree a global target to stop our natural world from being destroyed. But there’s no legal commitment to do the same here at home. Promises to protect nature are meaningless if they’re not put into law. The Environment Bill, currently making its way through Parliament, doesn’t guarantee action. No targets would be binding until 2038, almost a decade later than the Government is demanding from other countries.

This new Environment Bill gives us the chance to set this right.

Watch the campaign video, sign the petition and read more via Rewilding Britain here.