Zero 2030 Climate Transformation

The award winning Zero 2030 Climate Conference took place on 4 March 2020.

This collaboration between Worthing Climate Action Network, Transition Town Worthing and Adur and Worthing Council and their Sustainability team in particular, took eight months to co-organise and hosted 300 delegates on the day. Taking place across Worthing Town Hall, The Assembly Rooms and part of Worthing Museum, and generously supported by the Council and Lush, it was a huge yet highly successful undertaking.

The event outcomes formed a report which will feed into and inform the new Sustainabilty AW Framework, as will the recommendations from the recent Climate Assembly, detailed below.

Video & Document Resources

Morning Session

Michelle Furtado, Worthing CAN and Pauline Cory, Transition Town Worthing – Zero 2030 – Setting the Scene
Dan Humphries, Leader of Worthing Borough Council, welcoming delegates.
Alex Chapman, New Economics Foundation, speaking at Zero 2030
Isabella Tree, Knepp Estate, speaking at Zero 2030
Panel discussion – Isabella, Matt and Alex take audience questions from Alex Bailey, Chief Executive, Adur & Worthing Councils.
Just A Minute session – showcasing the amazing projects happening now around Adur and Worthing (and beyond)
Fingerprints not Footprints team from Chatsmore Catholic High School.
Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Town movement, sends a message to those attending.

Climate Assembly

As part of their efforts to address the Climate Emergency, Adur & Worthing Councils commissioned a Climate Assembly to address the following questions:
How can we in Adur and Worthing collectively tackle climate change and support our places to thrive?
What does this mean for the way we live and for our local environment?

The Climate Assembly followed the model for a citizens' assembly, with 45 residents of Adur and Worthing randomly selected to take part. Over four months, from September to December 2020, the 45 residents met online to listen to evidence, deliberated and then made recommendations that formally went to Adur & Worthing Councils.

This was one of the first Climate Assemblies anywhere to be conducted wholly online and Transition Town Worthing were invited to be part of the team of “experts” who were brought in to advise and address the assembly.

For more information and links to videos of presentations and blogs go to:

Adur & Worthing Councils published their recommendations in conclusion of the Adur & Worthing Climate Assembly process in January 2021. Their 18 recommendations cover biodiversity, education, energy use, planning, transport, waste reduction and recycling.

How anyone in Adur and Worthing can get involved with the Climate Assembly.