Wonder of Nature – Series of Talks & Walks

Posted on 24 March 2021

The wonderful and inspirational Nicola Peel has announced that she will be holding a series of online talks and a guided walk round the beautiful Pulborough Brooks in the coming months.

Events include:

Nature as Teacher – Nature has the answers we just have to ask the right questions – Thursday 1st April – Tickets

What are we investing our money in – Part of the Horsham Climate Café – Saturday 3rd April – Tickets

Solutions in the Amazon – A day in the life of a Solutionist – Tuesday 4th May – Tickets

This is What Biodiversity Looks Like! – A photographic journey into the world of biodiversity – Tuesday 1st June – Tickets

Biomimicry Nature Walk – RSPB Pulborough, West Sussex – Sunday June 27th – Tickets

For more information about Nicola see: