Seed Swap & Workshop – Sat 17th Feb

Posted on 01 February 2024

We will be running a scaled down version of our annual Seed Swap event but at least this year we will be in the warm!

If you have any plants or seeds that you can donate for Seed Swap but will be unable to be there yourself, please contact Pauline at [email protected] to arrange collection a week or two before 17th Feb. We will also need home-made cakes and savouries for refreshments, so if you can help please contact Pauline to arrange handover.

Pauline, Claire and Lisa (from Breathing Spaces) will be running a fun and interactive workshop after Seed Swap where we will imagine:
What it would be like if Worthing was able to feed itself in the near future?
We will step through a portal into a future Worthing where lots of things are done differently. You will hear a short story to help you imagine how we feed ourselves in this future – where our food is grown, who’s growing or harvesting it, how it is being sold or shared, how it is sustainable.

In pairs or small groups we will use drawings, magazine photos and maps to make pictures of a local, healthy, resilient food system for Worthing. It will be a playful way to create together the beginnings of a positive vision in which things turn out to be better than they are now.

If you’d like to attend, please book your place here asap: Details under event listing.

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