Register for Transport Transition Summit

Posted on 06 April 2021

Register for your place at the Transport Transition Summit, taking place on 11 & 12 May, to connect with a growing network of over 1,500 transport, energy and policy professionals mapping the next phase of the transport transition.

About the Summit

Transportation underpins our society, connecting people, cities, economies and fostering growth and employment. With global trade and travel swelling to meet the demands of a growing consumer population, a business-as-usual trajectory in the transport sector would see emissions rocket further.

Decarbonisation action is needed now across all asset classes, full value chains and product life cycles. Electric vehicles may be at tipping point, but heavy lifting is now required to decarbonise the giants of aviation and shipping as well as to commercialise zero-emission freight.

How can we use lessons from the pandemic to support future sustainable mobility and transport? And how can policy, investment and innovation be combined to build and deploy the necessary infrastructure required to support the mass adoption of clean transport?

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