Sustainable Worthing Map

Posted on 01 May 2023

If you want to find out how and why we need to scale up what we are doing, in order to support our town and our planet, do take a look at these latest resources.

On 19th April, Sussex Green Ideas looked at how technology is developing a Community Partnership arrangement so that local & environmental groups can utilise the full extent of the platform and services without cost being a barrier.

Here is a very informative and helpful recording of that event: (which features TTW and CREW) and explains how this technology can enable community groups to map their strategic outcomes, actions and indicators with other groups, councils, businesses etc to form an “ecosystem” creating a framework for potential collaboration.

TTW’s project to map Sustainable Worthing has led to a collaboration between other organisations in the UK and One Planet, to develop the system further. It is now being used by local governments including Horsham District Council and eco businesses like to connect people to organisations via a Community Action Map and Ecosystem Plan. This little video gives you an overview of how it works:

If you’d like to find out how you can easily reduce your own personal carbon footprint, or that of any organisation, group or business, TTW have created an online map to enable our community to find out what is going on locally and where, regarding living more sustainably: – just scroll down for instructions about how to use it and you can even create your own free map if you wish!