Cortis Avenue Wildlife Garden Now Open

Posted on 25 June 2021

Good news! Cortis Avenue Wildlife Garden is re-opening to visitors from Friday 2nd July. Our opening times will be:
Wednesdays 11am – 12 noon
Fridays 11am – 12 noon
Alternate Saturdays – 17th July, 31st July, 14th August, 28th August & 25th September

We do have a few Covid related rules, to help keep everyone safe.
A one – way route round the garden
Signing-in at the gate
Social distancing and request to stay in your group
Maximum of 15 visitors at any one time (in addition to our volunteers).
Specific events are ‘on hold’ until we see how things go forward.
Our volunteers have been busy over the past 15 months maintaining the garden – volunteer numbers at any session subject to Covid rules.

The meadow and raised beds are blooming with wild flowers, the pond is looking good, and our hedgerows are flourishing. We had two bee swarms from ‘stranger’ bees, which we have rehomed. Unfortunately, our bees lost their Queen during her mating flight, and we now have a new Queen who has some catching up to do. But we have plenty of butterflies out and about when the sun shines!

So why not come along and check us out – we’d love to see you – just not all at once!

Email: [email protected] Tel: 01903 530780